Video Production


Filming in broadcast quality high definition gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your products and services in action and communicate a message across to a large audience. It is also an opportunity to to film customer testimonials and help promote your business image. It can help train your staff, inform your customers and record business and personal achievement. Video is a flexible and powerful media that can make a real difference.


Filming is priced by the hour or by the project and is dependent on studio time, location time, number of cameras & operatives, script, post production, editing, music addition, voiceovers and licences to name but a few. We do, however, take you through the process to deliver in a clear, open and friendly manner your project. As costs are the most important factor for some clients we are able to, in some circumstances, work from the budget backwards; looking at the desired result and putting together the most effective way to use the budget whilst still ending up with a professional and successful video project. 


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