Freelance Post Production

Give HDVSMedia your source video and let us edit, design and transform it into a unique film to help achieve the objectives of your project. Our editing suites incorporate the latest high end NLE software on both pc and mac computers.

video editing

Our professional video editing solutions include full authoring services to enhance the  viewing experience providing an excellent method of accessing any part of the video quickly and easily. Effective authoring requires technical expertise and creative flair. We combine graphics and images to produce professional looking projects that will simply impress. Full design and packaging using high quality printed discs and cases or delivery as download files by direct ftp file transfer or vimeo protected file transfer are offered along with direct uploading to hosting sites like Youtube or Vimeo.

Our home movie editing service is for those that want their video filmed by family or friends to have each precious captured moment edited to look fresh and be enjoyed and shared by generations to come.


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