Event Video


From conferences and seminars to displays and presentations, recording events for a great memento of the occasion. You can relate to and relive important events at anytime with the video documentation of your social and business functions. Video is a great way to create a lasting memory of any special event and can be sent to participants via a web link or on DVD as a souvenir to re-enforce the purpose of the event.

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Filming an event can be of benefit for those who could not attend or simply for archival purposes. Mulit-camera coverage of theatre productions, competitions, dance and live music can be professionally edited to capture the spirit of the performance. Award ceremonies, presentations, birthday parties, retirement parties and garden parties are also great examples. We are established in Sports filming, particularly football, where matches up to Sky Bet league have been covered in a freelance capacity.

Reinforce your goals and achievements by having your next event professionally filmed and edited.

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